Divorce is always the last thing that the majority of couples want. However, the sooner the couple realises that the marriage has gone past counselling, the better, since this gives them the opportunity to move on with their respective lives.
Divorce cases are quite complex. It is absolutely crucial for individuals who consider separation and divorce to seek the services of mediation professionals, who, in the main, are experienced lawyers. These specialists help their clients in settling all the disputes related to divorce proceedings. For instance, the interest of the children should be paramount in such cases. The mediators have the experience to mediate successfully cases that involve support and custody of children.

The majority of mediators take innovative approaches when handling their clients’ cases. They have a wide range of professional experience that helps them handle judiciously the cases that are presented before them. The most common issues that are discussed include child support and asset sharing.

Mediation has a structured dynamic, a timetable and is an appropriate method of conflict resolution that is often lacking in a negotiation process. The process is confidential and private, and is welcomed, supported and strenuously recommended by the Courts, both pre and post – divorce application. In fact most Courts will not hear a divorce application unless mediation has been undertaken or has at least been considered an option before the commencement of litigation.