Given that the recent economic crisis has left a dent in the pocket of most families, experiencing a divorce during these tough times is even harder, given how expensive a litigation for a divorce costs in the UK. Indeed, for those couples who have realised that a reconciliation is no longer likely or even possible, economic reasons may in fact be putting them off from finally getting a divorce, which is neither good for the overall wellbeing of the couple involved nor their children.

Although litigation is a sure fire way to quickly burn a hole through your money, there is a more financially viable solution available to those seeking to divorce from their partner. Organisations such as the National Family Mediation Service (NFMS) specialise in mediation services that will help you get your divorce for less. In general, mediation is a solution that can be used by the vast majority of couples looking to divorce, and indeed, couples filing for divorce are legally required to attend at least one Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting before deciding to continue going to court.

The benefits of mediation are that it is much less expensive than litigation, there is no need to have lawyers or judges present unless you wish to have a lawyer with you, and that you and your spouse can come to an arrangement without a court intervention or ruling. Additionally, mediators, such as those that work at the NFMS, are lawyers with experience in family law, who will approach every case from an unbiased, confidential angle, so everything you say will be kept in the strictest confidence.

So if you’re thinking about getting a divorce, it is worth picking up the phone and calling the NFMS today on 03300101367.