Our Mediation Service Can Help Solve Financial Issues and More in Southampton

In the last few years, our mediation service has been able to build a good reputation in the industry. Mediation has become a viable and sensible way to resolve financial issues and other problems. Unfortunately, many people still don’t understand the true purpose of mediation. Before we explain what goes into mediation, it’s worth mentioning that mediation is not solely associated with divorce. It can be utilized by any two parties unable to reach a conclusion over a dispute. When you have a better understanding of mediation, you’re able to utilize it in the best possible manner.

The True Purpose of Mediationnational-family-meditation-service-3


In simple terms, mediation is considered to be an effective method for out of court settlement. It can help two parties resolve their differences with sensibility and dignity. When it comes to mediation, the legal system doesn’t get involved. This alternative settlement method provides two parties with a defined process to minimize defensiveness and friction mostly present in settlement conversations.


In most cases, mediation is able to create a non-confrontational atmosphere, which encourages two parties to indulge in healthy conversations. It also encourages to present thoughts, opinions and concerns to one another. Mediation aims to focus on using a neutral or unbiased third party, called the mediator, to help two parties reach a dignified and peaceful compromise. Such a conclusion is acceptable two both parties.


As mediators, we offer our service to clients in the most unbiased manner. It’s worth mentioning that we don’t play the role of advocates or judges, We can’t decide if a single party would lose or win the case. Our job is only to guide the two parties during negotiations to make sure they come to a peaceful conclusion to resolve financial and other issues.


How Do We Help in Southaampton?


It’s important to understand that mediation is an alternative conflict resolution method for people who are unable to resolve financial and other kinds of disputes without outside help. We receive regular phone calls and emails from clients explaining how they’ve been in the middle of financial issues. These clients go on to tell us how they want our service to conclude the case.


However, such a client doesn’t require a mediator. Instead, he or she requires a lawyer, who can help them with a settlement as per the norms of the legal system. Such a system isn’t related to mediation. As a mediation service, we can only help resolve disputes. We can’t help clients with legal settlements. Moreover, we don’t work with a single client. We get in touch with both parties to help them reach a conclusion in an unbiased manner.


It’s worth mentioning that a mediation service isn’t responsible for managing the entire case and concluding it. In order to make sure mediation leads to the resolution of a financial issue, both parties need to be willing. We can only present you with choices, and give an unbiased opinion about how to proceed. We can guide you in the right direction. But you’re the one who needs to accept the choices to reach a conclusion. If you’ve been struggling with a financial issue, get in touch with our experienced mediators right away.

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