The Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM) Bath is your first meeting with the mediator. This meeting gives you a chance to see how mediation works.

The mediator is trained to help you determine whether mediation is the right choice for you. They will talk about the number of sessions you may need and how much they’d cost. The mediator will also explain whether you may get legal assistance to pay for mediation. Only accredited FMCA mediators can conduct. They did not to just sign forms.

They understand that encouragement, support, and creative thinking can help couples resolve their disputes as well as settle their finances and assets.

The mediator creates a safe and calm environment to help couples settle their future. They help build a partnership where both parties can view a separated future as constructive and positive. The mediator works with both parties to help them solve the problems or issues between them. They won’t take sides.

The mediator will challenge what each party says and help them in testing the practical reality of what’s proposed. All conversations between the parties are confidential and private, except for the statutory exemptions.

Mediation Bath is cheaper and less stressful than going to court. It also gives both parties more control over the situation. Mediation can be less distressing for the entire family. The mediator will tell them about their options to resolve their problems and the services that can give them support and assistance.

Who Goes to the MIAM?

The parties involved can attend the meetings separately. Time will be spent with each party alone to ensure that they have decided to attend the mediation on their own and that they are not in danger of any abuse or harm.

Do You Need to Attend a MIAM Bath?

Those who want to take their case to court are required to go to a MIAM. The other party involved is also required to go to a MIAM, but they don’t need to attend the same meeting as you. There are exceptions where you are not required to attend a MIAM. Both parties might also decide that mediation is not right for them at the MIAM. There are various ways to resolve family disputes. Mediation may not be right for them, but the court is not the only option available for couples.

How Much Does a MIAM Cost?

The MIAM and the mediation sessions that follow may cost nothing if the parties get legal aid. Some mediators conduct the MIAM for free, while others charge a fixed fee. You should ask for details about the cost of the MIAM when you reach out to a mediator.

If both parties agree to try mediation, an appointment is made for the MIAM. In case they decide not to proceed with mediation, or it doesn’t suit their situation, the mediator has to sign the right court form to show that both parties have considered mediation. If both parties decided to take their case to court, they could now do so without any problem.