Mediation and its viability in today’s world

Marriage is supposed to be a sacred institution. It is under this institution that families are created. But, sometimes marriages tend to break up. This separation time is a time of turbulence for the families involved. This time is particularly full of stress for the children involved. Now, this is not what someone wants.

Mediation is one such process where one need not go to the lawyer to settle the issue. The mediator can come to your place and take part in the discussion procedure. It is a process by which arrangement is made regarding one’s property, finance, custody of children etc through mutual discussion. The meeting point and time when the meeting will take place, is decided entirely by the parties involved. This makes the procedure of separation quick and cost effective. Let’s discuss the various features of mediation services:-

1. The first and foremost feature of mediation service is that it is impartial in nature. The mediators do not favor any particular couple. There is no nepotism and the judgment is made on a fair basis. The parties involved are assured of a fair trial.

2. In mediation service, the whole procedure takes place in a hushed manner. Everything is discussed behind closed doors. The final decision is not revealed to any third party. This ensures total privacy of matters.

3. General litigation is one procedure where the decision takes a long time to be reached. This makes the whole procedure lengthy and stressful. On the other side under mediation, the whole decision can be taken quickly, and efficiently. This makes mediation service less stressful and more viable in nature. This is particularly beneficial where children are involved for it stops their future from being hampered.

4. General litigation is not only lengthy, but also costly. General litigation, since it takes a lot of time, the person involved tends to spend a lot of money in the legal procedure. Mediation on the other hand is cost efficient in nature. It will not burn a hole in the pocket of the parties involved.

5. Last, but not the least another advantage of mediation is that the final call or the final decision is made by the parties involved. This means the spouses, who are going through the separation period, have a full say in the mediation procedure and each party is heard of before the concluding decision.

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