Through mediation, the mediator helps organise and facilitate discussion and communication when disputing parties need to resolve issues which may impact upon their futures.
The main aim of mediation is to reach an appropriate settlement of disputed issues by using a variety of methods to improve or open dialogue and communication between the couple. The benefits of mediation include a dramatic reduction in potential legal costs leaving a greater amount to be shared between the separating parties.

While a professional mediator may charge fees for their services, the mediation process is significantly cheaper, often by as much as 90% when compared to litigation, and takes significantly less time than moving through normal legal channels and the frustrations often associated with that process. In some cases resolution may be achieved within hours. This is more expedient when compared to months and even years it normally takes for divorce matters to be settled in Court.

Mediation enhances the control that the parties possess over the outcome. In Court litigated cases, the control is at the discretion of a Judge when it comes to resolution. However, mediation is more likely to generate a result that is mutually agreeable to both parties and since both parties worked in achieving the resolution, the chances of compliance with the solution are extremely high.

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