Mediation can be described as a process where you reach agreements on arrangements following some family breakdown and family disputes. A trained mediator will talk to your former partner and come to a mutual agreement regarding childcare, finances and, other provisions. Mediation is basically a private process. The process generally takes place behind closed doors and not in an open court. The conclusion reached during the mediation process is not revealed to anyone or precisely speaking to a third party. The process is generally impartial. Mediation can involve the following:-

1. Family disputes
2. Division of property
3. Custody of children

Mediation many claim is more satisfying than general litigation. This is mainly because of the fact that it’s cheaper and you control the decision making. Mediation is particularly crucial when there are children involved as they make sure that the kids are not affected by the harsh proceedings of the court. One should know that mediators should not be looked as legal advisor or marriage counselors. One should be aware of the fact that mediators do not advise.

If you are looking for the service of quality family mediation in Harrow /London do look out for us. We provide excellent mediation services and our main features are:-
1. We are impartial and stand on a neutral ground. This means we decide family and legal disputes in the utmost professional manner and do not engage in nepotism.

2. Our proceedings are confidential and this means no third party is able to know what happened behind closed doors. Everything is in a hushed up manner and no one comes to know about the final decisions that took place. In other words, your privacy is maintained.

3. Of course, as we said before, family mediation is a less stressful than legal procedure. The decision is taken according to mutual consent of partners and nothing is imposed on them.

4. It’s cost effective. In other words, it is easier on the pocket than a normal trial taking place in the court.

5. Quick and efficient is how we would describe it. The process does not take as much time as a normal court proceeding. It’s quicker than all kinds of litigation.

6. One of the added benefits is that you get to make all the decisions. In other words you do have a say in the final decision that takes place.

7. Mediation service is mandatory. In other words you do need it before you go to the court.

Family mediation service in Harrow/London as we can see from the above points provides a perfect local solution.