Family mediation acts as an alternative to family courts in order to sort out different forms of family disputes, family arguement about division of property during the divorce or after the separation, division of pensions in divorce, custody of a child, child maintenance support or child contact after a separation or divorce. Family mediation is quicker, cheaper and more amicable in comparison to approaching family courts.

Over 300,000 families get separated every year in UK according to government figures. It is estimated that 1 out of 3 children will go through family splitting up by the age they reach 16.

Family courts prefer family mediation as the best way to deal with family matters and family legal cases including disputes over divorce, debts, family home, finances, property, pensions and custody or maintenance of children.

The UK government encourages people who are involved in family disputes to attend family mediation so that they can sort out matters between themselves. There are cases where families have been ordered by the family court judges in first hearing to attend family mediation.

From 22 April, 2014 anyone who wants to approach a court for any family legal matter must first attend MIAM before they can approach the court.

Children can also take part in family mediation in case the children, family mediator and the parents agree to it.

We offer such mediation services which are much manageable and extensive. The cost associated with these mediation packages will exactly be the same as you are quoted. The mediators available with us are fully trained, experienced and are empathetic towards all the aspects involved in a disvorce.

You will find that our mediation services render you with a lot more money, which you can manage to cover the essentials of your life. The discussions that happen during the mediation are not revealed to any third party.

We have our offices all over the UK with family mediators that have the required experience and expertise to resolve your issues. They also follow a strict professional code of practice with total impartiality. The provided mediation services are completely voluntary where you can decide your own date, time and place for the mediation process.

The matters discussed during the mediation are completely free of prejudice and can’t be used as an evidence in any court. We are sympathetic to your position and our services are designed to smooth the situation. We offer both out-of-hours and remote conferencing service. We let you and your partner decide the best possible resolution to your issue without any need of court intervention.

Our family mediation services eliminate the need for costly legal fees and court intervention.We totally understand the difficulty and stress of divorce and separation.