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National Family Mediation Service –

Sometimes it happens that life takes an unexpected turn and everything is destroyed in seconds. One very common example of this can be family issues. You may come across some unfortunate situations when your wife decides to divorce you; your children are forcefully demanding a will or your family members are getting separated due to certain conflicts. In such situations, you look for someone who can help you to sort everything and bring your life back to the normal pace. In short, you start looking for family mediators who can help you out with family mediation.

Well you don’t need to worry as our company, National Family Mediation Service, is here for your rescue. Our aim is to provide you with the best family mediators in Manchester who will guide you at every step. We understand that you don’t want to involve the courts and refrain from any legal processes. Since this is your family matter, you don’t wish to disclose it publically. Well now you don’t need to worry as your wish is our command.

According to a law implemented by the Ministry of Justice in April 2011, mediation should be considered by all those who wish to contemplate separation or divorce before heading to the court. All the parties have to attend at least one Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) before beginning any legal proceedings. The government considers it to be a great option for most of the families due to its affordability factor. Another change was introduced in the law in 2014 which made MIAM a statutory obligation before you consider attending the court.

Our company takes care of everything associated with the process of family mediation. We carry out the whole process under absolute secrecy as the discussions are not revealed to any third party. Your information is safe with the mediator as your privacy is our policy. Plus, you will choose the location where the discussion will take place.

One of the biggest advantages of mediation is you get a chance to discuss everything with your partner or family members in a controlled environment. Our company will offer you two options; either you can consider reworking your relationship or suggest some ways for managing your lives separately by the means of self resolution.

You don’t have to worry about the total costs as mediation costs are negotiable our services are really affordable. In short we can say that mediation is the best option for both the parties as you will be attended by some of our expert family mediators who will deal with your case with their heartiest sympathies. You don’t need to worry about anything else regarding your issue.

How we can assist you in Reigate –

  • Deal with marital, common law and same sex partnership disputes
  • Resolve disputes involving arrangements with children following a marriage or partnership breakdown
  • Reach an agreement to resolve difficult situations without the need for court orders
  • Solve differences during and after divorce/separation involving property and joint financial matters
  • Reach a positive conclusion to disagreements in other family disputes

Mediation assessment meeting Reigate (MIAMS)

It used to be the case that mediation was seen as an optional extra in a divorce case. However, that is not true any longer. You will now have to attend special meetings under a new provision of the Children and Families Act, 2014, which came into force much earlier this year.

The implications of this law are now being felt in the courts, and most importantly by mediation services, which have seen an increase in demand. The changes to this law now make it absolutely a certainty that you will have to attend MIAMS (Mediation and Assessment Meetings) preceding the progression of a divorce to the law courts (that is, if you have no special mitigating circumstances).

This change is now in full effect, and you should seek advice before going ahead with any legal arrangements.