How can the mediation process help me?

Mediation can help you if you are going through a partnership or family breakdown or dispute. Family mediation can help by taking full control and responsibility for you in reaching an agreement without the need to involve lawyers and judges.

Results show that in most cases the parties are more open and candid during a mediation process and this usually results in a settlement being made that is acceptable to both sides.

Mediation can help if you and your partner are locked in dispute by providing an opportunity to discuss your differences in a controlled environment that is not subjected to the strict rules imposed by a court hearing. Mediation is particularly valuable in on-going disputes that have been created by a marriage or civil partnership breakdown especially when children are involved.

Our qualified mediators can help you and your partner reach a satisfactory resolution in disputes that may include the contact and residency of children, personal finances, distribution of property etc and can help improve the levels of cooperation that exists between the parties.

Mediation often leads to a reduction of hostility and a better understanding being established between those involved that often provides a more satisfactory conclusion than going to court.

When children are involved mediation can be extremely useful in determining their futures. Mediation also offers assistance to couples at the point of breakdown to either consider repairing their relationship or to help with ways to manage their lives separately by means of self resolution.

This might include reaching an agreement to deal with financial and property matters. However, we must emphasise that mediators are only allowed to provide information and guidance and they are NOT permitted to pass judgement or influence the outcome of the mediation process in any way.

Mediation is NOT a marriage counselling or replacement legal service that is there to give advice; but it can be used impartially to help partners to consider the wider implications of separating. In cases such as divorce and legal separation, we would always recommend that parties discuss mediation with their lawyers before contacting us.

The NFMS is also in a position to help those families who have been forced to move away, by offering video or Skype conferencing, using the most up-to-date equipment; this will reduce the time off work and save lengthy journeys. Conferencing can also be used as an alternative if there has been violence or aggression, and the parties do not want to be in the same room. The National Family Mediation Service also offers an out-of-hours service that benefits all families going through these difficult times.

The mediation process is a method of alternative dispute resolution approved by the Ministry of Justice.

It is worth considering that the courts should always be the last resort in family disputes and should only be used when other attempts at a settlement have failed. The majority of mediations are successful & avoid the need to involve court action.

As mediation is a voluntary process; you, the other mediating party, or the mediator, can terminate the process at any time if anyone considers that the process is unlikely to reach a satisfactory resolution.

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