Get Mediation Services from National Family Mediation Service

When you need professionals to help you through family mediation process, National Family Mediation Service is your perfect choice. When you work with the service, you have the guarantee that you will be treated professionally.

Our highly qualified mediators offer a friendly hand and show a lot of sympathy towards you and the reason you are going through the mediation process. Our mediators observe high level confidentiality and do not take any partisan views over any aspect being discussed by one of the parties in the case.

The entire mediation process is carried out under the set code of practice and nothing that is said during the process can be taken as evidence during the court hearing. Our mediators do not take any side before, during and after the process is over.

In addition, we are not allowed to try to influence or decide the outcome of the process on behalf of the clients. We act as facilitators to guide the clients and other parties involved by helping you reach an acceptable resolution to all your differences.

Our clients are under no pressure to make any decision because this is a voluntary process. This means that any party involved in the process can also opt out at any time if they find that the final outcome may not be satisfactory.

To ensure that the process move in a smooth way, we even provide part time services for clients who cannot be available during the normal working hours. Thus, you can get our services during the weekend, evenings or any other time that you feel is best for you. In addition, we also offer our sessions through skype, video conferencing for those who cannot access our services physically.

Affordability of our services

At National Family Mediation Service we ensure that we provide highly competitive services in terms of price. Instead of incurring high cost paying solicitors or court mediation our services will help you resolve issues related to assets, finances and children matters at a low cost. Mediation process is a more cost effective option instead of having to go to court and it also takes less time compared to litigation process.

The other benefit of using mediation is that you understand the entire cost of the process beforehand. The cost is also divided equally between the parties involved, so the cost is distributed with each party paying half the total cost.

Most other mediation services operate by use of a slide scale of charges that is related to the income of the client. This may be effective for some clients, but not to most clients. Thus, to ensure fairness in terms of cost, we charge based on hourly rate that is divided between the parties involved. When you consider using our services, you need to note that you will incur additional charges following the end of the entire process.

The cost covers the two documents that the mediator provides to each of the parties involved to take to their solicitors for ratification by the courts. The documents include, Memorandum of Understanding and Open Financial Statement. We do not charge any extra cost for the out of hours services we provide or any other special session requested.

The assistance we offer

At National Family Mediation Service we offer the following services:

  • Marital and same sex partnership problems.
  • Children disputes after partnership or marriage breakdown.
  • Reach agreement to resolve difficult problems without having to attend court sessions.
  • Solve the differences after separation or divorce regarding joint financial and property matters.
  • Reach workable solution after family disputes.
  • Mediation and sorting out financial disputes

Accessibility of our mediation services

To ensure that our mediation services are accessed by majority of our clients, we are located in major cities in The United Kingdom. We provide localized services without the need of our clients to travel to long distances. We use an approach in which our mediators will organize to meet you at suitable location that is near to you. Some of the cities you get our services include:

  • Cardiff
  • Leeds
  • Guildford
  • Manchester
  • Leicester
  • Liverpool
  • Nottingham
  • Brentwood
  • Bristol and others.

All you need to do is to contact us for free on 03300 101 367 for more advice on the suitable location for you meet our mediators.