It’s well known that when a divorce or separation is inevitable, court cases and the resulting fall out can cause destructive ramifications on a family. A caring and far more civil avenue to explore is family mediation. We are an experienced and successful organization dedicated to finding a fair solution to any number of disputes encountered during a breakdown within the family. Both parties have the opportunity to have their say and to get their point across, within an impartial non-judgemental environment.

As a rule, mediation to be considered by all parties encountering this painful experience, before commencing with any court cases. An understanding and experienced mediator can be a blessing to many families going through a seperation. We have the ability to aid in bringing about mutual agreements without the need to waste money on what can be very costly legal fees. At times like these money is a sensitive issue and it makes sense to preserve funds within the family, to rebuild in the future within amicable conditions.

As members of The Family Mediators Association, you can trust us to work to professional and impartial codes of practise and provide the best possible solutions in helping to find a better way. Consider using us to help you through tough circumstances.

Call us free on 0800 862 0502 and we’ll go over all the possible options with you. National Family Mediation Service have over 40 offices, so it’s likely that we’re not too far away to gently guide you through what can be a very difficult time.