Family Mediation can be described as a procedure by which you make arrangements with your spouse after going through a process of dialogue or mutual conversation. A mediator helps go through the whole process and come to a written agreement on important topics like finances, childcare, and other forms of arrangements. Family mediation is a better option than general litigation on various counts.

One of the primary reasons being the whole process takes place in a hushed up manner, behind closed avenues. The final decision is not revealed to a third party and the mediator strictly doesn’t disclose the final decision to anyone.

Mediation is primarily an impartial procedure. There is no nepotism or biases of any sorts. The mediators try and help increase the cooperation level between the parties. The final decision reached can often be more conclusive and satisfactory in nature than that involving a general litigation.

Specifically, if there are children involved, mediation is helpful for mediation services takes less time than a normal litigation service.

This is particularly helpful in keeping the future of the children secure.

Some people mistaken Family mediation as marriage counseling, but the fact of the matter is it is not. It can be termed as helping partners study the wide implication of divorce and separation. It is advisable that the partners concerned reach final decision only after consulting a mediator.

Another benefit of litigation over general litigation is that it is less nerve-racking. In other words, the whole process is more like a mutual discussion. Mediation is cost efficient and does not cast a hole in the pocket of the parties involved.

While on the other hand deciding the case in the court not only involves lot of time, but is comparatively an expensive procedure than mediation.

Thinking out of the box is the right term that can be used for Family Mediators. The mediators try to find all plausible solution to a family dispute. They are less stringent than a normal litigation is. This makes mediation a better and a more viable option.

Family Mediation, as aforesaid covers a wide range of subjects such as prenuptial agreements, separation, financial agreement, divorce, eldercare, alimony, family businesses, children etc.

Last, but not the least, one of the highlight of family mediation is that the decision taken is not ultimate and is binding only after each side meets his or her solicitor or lawyer. After this the lawyers or the mediators draft the final agreement or contract which the parties involved have to sign to end the dispute.

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