Mediation is known to help in case of a family breakdown or a partnership dispute. Mediation can prove to be helpful in a way of taking full control and responsibility which allow you to reach to an agreement in which lawyers and court are involved.

According to the recent studies, they highlight the facts that in most cases, the parties involved are a lot more open and truthful during the procedure which helps them to create a mutual settlement and agreement between both the parties.

If you and your partner are confined in a dispute, mediation can be a better option which provides you an opportunity where you can discuss and solve your issues in a controlled environment which is not at all a court where you have to follow rules and regulations. Mediation can prove to be a valuable process for on- going disputes which is created from a disturbed marriage where children or a partnership breakdown is involved.

Our family mediation process in Camden, Enfield, London can help both you and your partner in reaching a satisfactory result by making a suitable agreement which may involve-

Personal finances
Division of property
Custody of children

More often, mediation offers a more satisfactory conclusion and resolution than courts. Mediation process becomes more difficult when children are involved in dispute handling and separation which really affect their future. Thus, offering assistance to the couples wherein they can think about improving the damages in their relationship is also an important aspect of mediation. If not, they are guided about the ways so that they can easily and successfully manage their lives after separation.

Nevertheless, it is very important to understand that the mediators are not permitted to pass any judgement or to impose their decisions on any of the parties.

A mediator should not be seen as a replacement to a legal advisor or marriage expert, he or she works unbiased so as to restore the interests of both the parties.

We can also help those couples who have moved away from Enfield or Camden through video chatting with the use of modern technology so that it can save your time, efforts and costs. This also serves as a best medium for communication when the parties from meeting each other and are not comfortable in sitting with each other in the same room.

We assure the best possible services and assistance to the families going through difficult times and facing difficult situations.