Divorce has become common among people above 60 years of age. Apparently most people prefer staying solo instead of retiring together as partners.

Cheaper and uncomplicated

Unlike young couples, divorce at the later stages of life is usually good-natured. At this stage there is little to worry about when it comes to children, finances and others, reason why it’s easier to reach an amicable solution and is less complex. In consequence, less exposure to the exhausting court battles, and above all you can save money by avoiding legal expenses.

Starting point

From a legal perspective, the starting point should be impartial division of assets. This is a sensitive topic that needs careful approach. At this point mediation or collaborative law can help since making financial arrangements over assets you built together over the years is not easy. It becomes easier to discuss over options with help from legal representatives.


Mediation is important because it makes it possible to work things out in a controlled environment. Firstly, the mediator should hold separate meetings to listen to both sides and then bring the two of you together upon reaching a workable solution. Following this process makes it easy for the mediator to draft a formal agreement.

Collaborative law

Essentially, collaborative law works when you both agree on an out of court settlement. This involves the two of you being represented by separate solicitors in a four-way meeting setup. However, you can invite other professionals like financial consultants or family counsellors. Take note, if an agreement is not reached, you can choose another solicitor to represent you.


Regardless of your age, special attention is needed when discussing pension assets. Because of the equality rule, occupational, private, and all state pensions should be included in the collaborative or mediation discussions.

The solicitor should advice on how the two of you can earn equal pension incomes upon reaching retirement age. Discussing issues related to pension orders with the solicitor makes it easy to understand how and when the order applies.

Children & Grandchildren

Even though silver divorce cases are less dramatic. We cannot overlook the impact it has on the rest of the family members. Your children and grandchildren need guidance because divorce introduces a different twist from what they were used to.

Mediation through use of professional family therapists can help them accept or understand this new change. Your children and especially the grandchildren need expert help because they might be too young to understand the scenario.

Mediation is also important because it prepares the rest of your family psychologically which makes a softer landing when the divorce materializes.

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