Problems within a family can be highly traumatic, especially when children are involved. Although divorce and legal separation must be carried out through the court system, to minimize the disruption to those concerned, it is worth considering using family mediation for a faster, less intrusive solution to many of the additional issues that can arise.

When carried out by professional mediation experts, this method can lead to a mutually agreed resolution in a shorter time and at a much lower cost than if the parties resort to other more extensive legal options, such as divorce.

Available seven days a week, in a location convenient to all involved, mediation begins with the listening process, and develops sensitively through the provision of opportunities for everybody’s opinion to be heard and for their needs and viewpoints to be considered and discussed.

In the presence of highly-trained, unbiased experts, the solution most acceptable to all parties can be developed in a more comfortable, less pressurised environment than if the case were to be brought to court, which can make it easier for families to interact once the issue has been resolved.

In a more relaxed atmosphere, with complete lack of bias or censure from the mediators, children involved in the situation, where appropriate, can be part of the solution by expressing their opinions and preferences regarding possible outcomes. Whether the dispute is over child-custody or access, property, finance or the residence of a shared pet, mediation can be a fast, effective, affordable solution.

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