Family law mediation is still a new concept. Currently, couples intending to divorce and do so amicably may use mediation to make the process of dissolution less contentious. The Mediation process is a good deal more attractive when compared to a drawn-out courtroom battle.

It not only eliminates unnecessary stress but saves time and money. This is a team concept working together to resolve issues between separating or divorcing couples. The mediator, both spouses/partners work together over several sessions to establish a workable appropriate resolution to any disputed issues, which suits the needs of both parties.

A mediator offers guidance to arrive at a decision on issues which still require ironing out. They come with vital negotiation skills, paying attention to each party’s concerns and interests. They facilitate the disputing parties to achieve their own resolution which each individual may agree to. The mediator is a non-partisan party, mostly a lawyer, thus they are able to provide one with what is permissible legally.

When a there is a stalemate or the process is stalled by negativity, the mediator will have the skill and knowledge to help get the process back on track.

One should know what future requirements are so that spousal and child support and asset division are done to help secure the future. The vast majority of people prefer mediation since it permits them to express their opinions and values and arrive at their own decisions rather than have them imposed by a Judge who has little or no knowledge of the actuality of their lives.

Many mediators have skills and knowledge of tax and financial issues and may be able to offer suggestions of a variety of settlement options that may enhance the chances of fiscal stability following divorce.

Most people who have experienced a mediated divorce have discovered that it is much more beneficial to have the two people who confidentially know their assets and finances settle on how to dissolve the marriage and appropriately settle financial and child care issues, rather than leave it to a third party such as lawyers and Judges to determine the outcome of their affairs.

At the end of the process of mediation, an appropriate resolution is created in documented form and gets the Courts approval.

Our experience shows that many months and years later, one thanks himself or herself for opting for mediation. The amount saved may go towards children’s care, savings, education and emergency funds, or establishing new property.

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