Dealing with conflict for couples in Manchester

The difference of opinions between two people can cause conflicts and sometime in your life, you can experience it in various ways. In most of the situation, these disputes caused by the difference of opinions reach to the resolution with time and some efforts from one or both the partners. But in some relationships arguments turn into some serious conflicts and those conflicts remain in the relationship for a really long time. In some cases, these conflicts can be a serious matter of concerns for various people and divorce is a good example of such situation. In the case of divorce, there could be various issues with conflicts and if children are involved, then it can directly involve all those people that are around the couple and children.ManchesterCropped-1700x999
Conflict in breakdown of relationships
The breakdown of any relationships can be the hardest time for one or both the partners and people need to deal with so many emotional situations. These factors or emotional situations may include feelings of rage, anger, guilt, blaming, grief and so many similar feelings. People have to deal with this kind of situation to move on in their life’s for their children or for loved ones. But in this kind of demanding situation, conflict can always appear in your life. And if you are already having some legal process for the separation with your partner, then you can have conflicts with your partner as well because of your unique set of opinions. And if one or both the parties are having a communication via solicitor instead of one to one communication, then chances of conflicts can even increase between both the parties. Some people also wish to get back to their normal life together by justifying the reasons for dispute or gap, but their uncontrollable conflicts take them back in this. Many people also consider the conflicts as a bad thing for their health and that is why they prefer to avoid all kind of conflicts in their life from the beginning.
When conflict is damaging for children
You can check all the studies on this particular subject and you will find that separation of parents always leaves negative effect on their children. When separation is necessary then proper handling of this situation is an important factor that people need to do for the betterment of their children. If a child sees any kind of violence(verbal or physical) terrifies the child and it can be a damaging situation for him on a long run. Hence, it is advised that if you are having any conflict with your partner, then you should keep your kids away from that conflict. This is a suggestion that you get from experts, kids and many parents as well.
For parentsSeparation is the time when your children need you most, but if you can’t cope with your conflict, then you will not be able to give any good time to your kids. In this situation, you will invest most of your energy and time to deal with conflict and that will affect your kids in a negative manner. In this situation, if conflicts include any trust issues then they partners can also avoid the communication with each other. In this situation, the parent who has the custody of kid may try to keep the other partner out of the picture as long as possible.

Dealing with conflict
If you are unhappy with this situation or you just want to get control of this conflict, then you will have to take necessary steps for that. Indeed, some issues could be there in your divorce, that are not easy to digest and you may need some time to resolve those issues. But in the meantime, you should try to contain your anger and you should not share that in every place. If you both can’t be a friend, then also you should try to have a civil relationship with the partner.
You should think of the reason or situation because of which you are getting angry and put it in a more personal way using “I” instead of quoting “you”. For example, if your partner is late bringing the children back, then you can use it politely “When children are there with you and you don’t bring them back on time, then I worry about an accident or some other issues”. In other situation, you can say “ I miss children a lot and if I don’t see them in mid-week and I wish to have more connection with them”
You should always avoid the blaming to your partner by name
In some situations, it is always a good idea to compromise or apologise and you should not hesitate to do so.
If you are struggling more to deal with this situation, then counselling could be a good thing for you.
Conflict and mediation

We are a family meditation service in Manchester and we help people to deal with their conflicts regardless of their situation or type. In most of the situation, people take the help of meditation because of their disagreement instead of agreement. With the help of meditation, people can have better decision-making qualities and that will certainly reduce the conflicts in them. And if a person is having issues because of the conflict, then also meditation can help them in this situation in various ways. For example, if people can explore how conflict came into existence or if they can explore how to avoid it, then it can do the trick for them. As far as situation handling part is concerned, it varies from family to family. If they will have too less or too much communication, then also they can have this issue. Since meditation in our centre in Manchester include both the parties, and it does not include the blaming part and that is why it is highly effective compared to many other resolution methods.
Here in Manchester, we work in various family situations, where people are unhappy only because of their conflicts. Once their conflict goes away in our meditation center in Manchester, then they live a happy life in a really good manner and they live together for very long time or for forever as well.

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