National Family Mediation Wrexham

National Family Mediation Service Wrexham

National Family Mediation Wrexham helps couples and families settle disputes. Family mediation allows the involved parties to resolve disputes outside of the court. It’s a form of ADR or Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Mediation that is ordered by the court system primarily deals with issues about families with children such as child support, visitation and custody. Court-appointed mediation helps to divorce couples settle divorce agreements such as the distribution of property and alimony without the expense, time and stress of a court trial.

Families can also seek mediation privately. It can be used for various family issues that can’t be tackled through court mediation such as disputes between teenage children and parents, estate planning, prenuptial agreements and disputes between adult siblings.

National Family Mediation Wrexham offers many benefits, and one of these is the fact that it’s a less expensive way of resolving disputes than courtroom proceedings. It’s also more convenient than traditional litigation.

How Mediation Works

A mediation session is supervised by a third party called a mediator. It usually lasts 1 to 3 hours. Most disputes can be settled in a single session, but some disputes like divorce settlements need 2 or more sessions.

The parties involved should be present at the session. The mediator helps both parties reach a mutually beneficial agreement. A mediator doesn’t make any decisions. Their sole job is to negotiate an agreement that the involved parties agree upon.

The agreement will be put into writing by the mediator. Both parties then need to sign the agreement. If the mediation is ordered by the court system, the agreement will be submitted to a judge for court approval. The agreement will then be filed with the court.

You may want to get a Solicitor who specializes in family law to review the agreement before the paperwork is finalized. The mediator usually holds a mediation agreement for 2 business weeks if it has to be reviewed by a lawyer. An agreement made through private mediation is legally binding. If one of the parties breached the contract, the other party can take the one at-fault to court.

Both parties should be willing to take part in the mediation. The involved parties should work together to reach a mutual agreement. One of the best things about mediation is that you can take part in decisions that will affect your life. No one will dictate you or nag at you. If you think that mediation is the best choice for you and your family, you should contact National Family Mediation Wrexham.

Keep in mind that family mediation is not a replacement legal service or marriage counselling. However, it can be used to help both parties consider the implications of separating or divorcing. If you have children, you should consider family mediation as it is less stressful for you and the kids.

National Family Mediation Wrexham offers Skype or video conferencing, so the team can help families who have to move or have been forced to transfer to another location. The involved don’t need to travel far or take time off work just to attend a mediation session. Conferencing is also a great alternative if there has been aggression or violence between the parties or if they don’t want to be in the same room. Families going through a difficult time can also benefit from the out-of-hours service offered by National Family Mediation Wrexham.