National Family Mediation Service Torbay

National Family mediation service covers Torquay, Paighton and Brixham and  allows divorcing couples to make decisions regarding family issues without resorting to family court.

A mediator provides independent and impartial information to couples about legal procedure and rights. It can be done while court proceedings are being held or used as an alternative to litigation.

Here are the benefits of family mediation in Torbay.

Protect important relationships

Parents should continue to be good parents together even if they’re already separated or divorced.

Mediation is a cooperative and non-confrontational process that makes it easier for both parties to discuss family matters such as child custody and support, education, division of properties, and more.

Save time

Both parties are working together with a mediator to reach a common goal, which helps reduce the stress and cost associated with divorce.

Both parties share the fees of a mediator. This helps them preserve assets and save a lot of money.

Maintain control over the situation

Family mediation gives the couple complete control over the negotiation process. They can discuss in a confidential and safe environment.

The mediator also acts as a buffer between the parties involved. Mediated family disputes have a higher compliance rate compared to adversarial ones because the parties work together to come up with a mutually beneficial agreement.

Issues that Family Mediation Can Help With

Family mediation Torbay can help with the following issues:

  • Finances

Mediators can help couples find a solution to issues surrounding debts, high-value assets, maintenance, pensions, property, investments, and savings.

  • Cohabitation

Many couples are now choosing to cohabitate.

  • Children

Family mediation allows the parties involved to discuss matters relating to their children, such as residence, education, and more.

  • Separation or Divorce

Mediation helps couples decide together the best way to forward not only for themselves but for their family as well.

  • Grandparents

Mediators can help grandparents who have concerns or problems over contact with their grandchildren.

  • Civil Partnership and Same-Sex Matters

Mediators handling same-sex relationship and civil partnership matters should be knowledgeable and experienced in this area.

  • Probate and Inheritance

Mediators can help families deal with matters about probate issues and inheritance.

Mediation is voluntary. The parties involved can participate together without causing harm to each other. The mediator is impartial and aims to help the parties involved equally.

They don’t express opinions or make judgments about who is wrong or right. The mediator doesn’t take sides. They help the parties reach their own decisions about their future.

Mediators also provide unbiased information on mediation.

Mediation can’t take place if the mediator has prior knowledge of the case as a solicitor or other professional roles. They can’t continue acting as mediators if an alleged conflict of interest or any other issue arises.

Local Professional Family Mediators

National Family Mediation Service Torbay has a team of mediators who are knowledgeable in family law. We are here to help you settle family disputes without court intervention.

We offer unbiased mediation services in Torbay, Torquay, Paignton, and Brixham.

Our mediators provide impartial financial and legal information to help you understand what options are available to you. We don’t make judgments about your situation or provide advice. You will be the one to make decisions and choices on your own.

We help both parties test the options they come up with. Our mediators can also help you discuss which solutions might be right for you and your whole family. If it looks like the court might not approve the proposed solutions, we’ll discuss this matter with you.

You may want to seek advice from your solicitor before or during the mediation process, so you can make the right decisions. We can also keep your respective advisers informed about the progress of mediation.

Our mediators are honest and open to both parties. All details of the discussions will be shared with both parties. The only exemption to this is a telephone number, email address, or home address that the parties involved wish to keep private and confidential.

Our mediators won’t influence the result of the mediation process. They will help both parties reach a satisfactory resolution on their own. You won’t be pressured to come up with a solution right away.

For more information about our mediation service, feel free to call us anytime.