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National Family Mediation Service Southampton

Annually approximately 150,000 kids are affected by divorce and separation cases. These alarming figures are as a result of increasing cases of divorce and separation that affects around a third of all marriages in the country. It is now becoming increasingly difficult for parents and guardians to cope with the situation at hand.

It is due to this backdrop that organizations such as National Family Mediation Services (NFMS) have emerged to provide practical advice, support, and solutions to the affected parties.

Such organizations employ in – house counselors, and they also tend to organize workshops and motivation talks to discuss matters pertaining on coping with divorce and separation. Some of the real life lessons provided by our professional coaches when it comes to divorce and separation involve;

  • Advising parents and guardians on how to deal with less than ideal situations
  • Effective communication
  • Practical ideas that can help both the parents and children to adjust to changes in their lives
  • Understanding and communicating children’s feelings about how divorce and separation is impacting on, their lives

Our office in Southampton is structured to accommodate both married and unmarried couples and single sex relationships who are about to, or are in the process of divorce or separation, and also to assist children who are going to be negatively impacted by this whole scenario. Southampton family mediators – NFMS

Our in-house mediators are professionally trained and equipped to help clients deal with their issues, and reach joint decisions related to their separation or divorce which may include property, financial issues, and the care and provision for children’s welfare.

Our organization prides itself on outstanding levels of quality assurance standards and all mediators have been carefully selected to the very best standards of professional service.

Our services differ from other NFM related organizations because:

  • We have a national network of branches responsive to the local needs of our clients
  • Our services comprise of networks that are interlinked by affiliation criteria supporting professionalism and quality standards.
  • We boast of an affordable fee structure
  • Our services are diverse in nature because they revolve around the various yet appropriate issues such as property, finances, and child welfare that occur in relationship breakdown
  • The services are also distinct in the sense that they differ with legal practices

As stated above, our approach to divorce and separation issues is to utilize proven methods that can be proprietary or open source in order to increase awareness among the participants involved and hence to provide a secure and confidential environment that favors participant directed outcomes and solutions.

Give our Southampton office a call today and you will find one of our representative’s ready and waiting to answer all your queries.

How we can assist you in Southampton–

  • Deal with marital, common law and same sex partnership disputes
  • Resolve disputes involving arrangements with children following a marriage or partnership breakdown
  • Reach an agreement to resolve difficult situations without the need for court orders
  • Solve differences during and after divorce/separation involving property and joint financial matters
  • Reach a positive conclusion to disagreements in other family disputes

Mediation assessment meeting Southampton (MIAMS)

Couples are no longer reaching for their solicitor’s numbers straight away when getting a divorce. In a change which most welcome, earlier this year, amendments to the Child and Families Act 2014 mean that it is necessary to obtain evidence that you have taken part in Mediation Information and Assessment meetings before the divorce can go onto court.

The meetings are now mandatory and it does mean that more couples are sorting out their problems before divorce cases reach court. Sadly, mediation does not work for all couples and in cases where there is the threat of violence to a person, or to property, then you do not have to attend mediation meetings. However, even in those cases you should seek specialist advice or help.