Mediation Plymouth

National Family Mediation Service Plymouth

Family mediation Plymouth aims to resolve conflicts between two divorcing or separating couple in a safe, impartial place with the help of a trained mediator.

Family mediators help both parties look at various options for resolving disputes. Mediation allows them to reach an agreement on their own about all aspects of their divorce, dissolution or separation, including arrangements for properties, children, and finances.

We have experienced family mediators who service the entire Plymouth area. We can help you navigate through the legal, practical, technical, and financial aspects of divorce or separation.

The issues that are usually discussed in family mediation include the division of assets, where the kids will spend time, how the family home will be dealt with, and support payments.

Reasons to Consider Family Mediation Plymouth

Family mediation Plymouth helps you sort arrangements for important matters such as property, finance, and children all by experienced and qualified mediation in Plymouth helping you resolve issues withiut the need of a legal process.

Here’s why you should consider family mediation as a resolution process in Plymouth . Reach out today and see how we can help and dont forget its confidential.

  • More freedom

Couples with disputes are problems that must be solved. You can make your own choices instead of handing that power to the court. The family mediators won’t make the decisions for you. They will only guide you and relay information to both sides.

  • Faster and less stressful way to sort disputes

Family mediation is usually cheaper, quicker, and less stressful than going to court and we are nothing to do with the Government we are a business helping couples with family mediation Playmouth.

It allows both parties to create long-term solutions that benefit them both. They can control the situation instead of letting the court decide things for you.

  • Reduce hostility

Family mediation focuses on your best interests and bests. It evaluates the main cause of the dispute and looks at the solutions that satisfy your interests and suit your needs. Family mediation also reduces hostility.

Divorcing couples, neighbors, family members, and business partners have to handle each other courteously. Litigation, on the other hand, can increase antagonism and divide people. Mediation aims to end the dispute, not the participants’ relationship.

Both parties are encouraged to tell their story. Acknowledging emotions can help both parties reach a settlement. They will discuss both personal and legal issues of their situation, helping them develop a better understanding of themselves and the other party.

  • Helping couples in Plymouth move forwards.

Those who participate in mediation also report a higher level of satisfaction than those who proceed with litigation. They were actively involved in reaching a settlement, so they are more committed to upholding it than those who have the court decide for them.

Family mediation is also less intimidating than litigation. There’s no strict rules and regulations to follow, allowing the parties involved to reach an agreement that benefits them both.

Family mediation can be used to deal with various problems at one time.

It’s possible to reach a mediated agreement in just a few sessions or hours.

Litigation is expensive. In fact, the cost of going to court can exceed its benefits. Our mediation service is offered at a reasonable cost.

Mediations are also confidential. We want to help you reach an agreement as soon as possible. That is why we provide out-of-hours mediation sessions at weekends or during the evenings. We will come to you if required.

We can also conduct mediation sessions through Skype or video conferencing. This is perfect for those who work or live away.

Who Could Benefit from Family Mediation?

Anyone affected by family disputes like civil partnership dissolution, separation and divorce can attend mediation sessions. Family mediation is open to grandparents who are having problems with contact arrangements.

Step-parents can also consider family mediation if they want to support their partner.

As family mediators, we help both parties realize what they need to do to separate legally. We help our clients gather the necessary information, develop appropriate solutions, and facilitate discussions.

We guide you through your agenda. We make sure that each party can express their suggestions and thoughts without any kind of interruption.  Each person will have space and time to say their piece and keep the talks safe and productive.

Our mediators don’t make a judgment or express an opinion. The only provide information to help both parties understand the financial and legal aspects involved in a divorce or separation.

We help couples determine what they should discuss, summarise understanding, manage the agenda promptly, listen to both parties to ensure their points are recognized and understood, provide access to information and help parties test arrangements to see if they will work. We also use questions to help our clients identify their needs and priorities.

We don’t take any sides. What we do is promote self-determination to help our clients decide for themselves what’s best in their situation.