National Family Mediation Nantwich

Family mediation can help couples save a lot of time, money and stress. Marriage counselors and psychologists sometimes recommend mediation for those who are considering divorce.

Litigation is an emotionally draining, expensive and time-consuming experience.

Mediation is an effective alternative to litigation as it provides couples with a more civil, more practical and less contentious way of finding a solution at a less cost.

Litigation often turns divorcing couples into bitter enemies who can’t maintain a civil relationship after divorcing. National Family Mediation Nantwich helps couples resolve issues by giving them control over the process and helping them reach a mutual agreement.

Litigation forces the couple to provide that control to a judge who’s usually unable to know what’s best for the couple. Couples who choose mediation have more flexibility to create a plan that works for them.

Those who choose to mediate before starting litigation are usually able to reach an agreement and be divorced within months.

There are, however, times where litigation is required such as to protect one of the parties from domestic violence or to prevent dissipation of assets. If you’re not facing such issues, you should consider family mediation.

If pre-litigation mediation is ineffective, either party can file a complaint and proceed with a more narrow range of problems to deal with.

Benefits of Family Mediation Nantwich

Mediation Nantwich is one of the best ways to resolve family disputes. Both parties are in control and responsible for reaching a mutual agreement without involving judge and lawyers. In most cases, both parties are more honest and open during a mediation process. This usually results in an agreement being made that’s acceptable to both parties. It allows you to discuss your differences in a confidential and controlled environment.
No one will force you to make a decision. A mediator will oversee the mediation process and helps couples communicate their thoughts. The mediator serves as a neutral third party. He or she is not there to nag at the couple or force them to make decisions.

Family mediation is beneficial for settling on-going disagreements that have been created by a civil partnership or marriage breakdown. National Family Mediation Nantwich has a team of experienced mediators who can help you and your spouse or partner reach a mutual agreement. This may include distribution of property, child support and custody, personal finances and other unresolved conflicts.

Mediation helps to divorce couples understand each other. It often provides a more satisfactory result than going to court. Family mediation is particularly beneficial when there are children involved. Parents often have differing opinions about what’s good for the kids. Mediation can help them reach an agreement that would be beneficial for their children.

Mediation can also help couples consider fixing their relationship or how to go on with their lives separately through self-resolution. The sessions may include discussions about the property and financial matters. Keep in mind that mediators are only allowed to give guidance and information to the couple. They are not allowed to influence the result of the mediation process or pass judgement in any manner.

Courts should be the last resort when it comes to settling family disputes. It should be considered only when other attempts at reaching a mutual agreement have failed. Most cases of mediation are successful and help couples avoid taking the case to court. Couples can also seek private mediation.

If it’s voluntary, the mediator or you and the other party can terminate the mediation process anytime especially if anyone thinks that the process is unlikely to reach a good resolution. If you have decided to go through mediation, just contact National Family Mediation Nantwich to set an appointment with a mediator.