National Family Mediation Service Gloucester

Family mediation aims to reconcile disputes between couples that are separating or divorcing.

Disputes often arise due to issues such as child custody, and the dividing of assets. Family mediation may also be called for issues such as living arrangements for the couple after divorce.

It is held outside the court and is a good option for estranged couples. Family mediation in Gloucester has fewer complexities than litigation. The mediator works for the parties involved, so there’s no chance of being biased during mediation sessions.

Family mediation can also be done to resolve issues between parents and children or other relatives. Both parties have to remember that family mediation isn’t a legal process.

It’s a process of fixing problems outside the court. Both parties have to reach a mutual agreement at the end of a mediation session.

Benefits of Family Mediation in Gloucester

  • Impartial

Divorce cases usually end up favoring one of the parties. Family mediation, on the other hand, ensures that both parties benefit from the agreement.

The mediator works for the parties involved, which eliminates the risk of reaching a biased decision.

Couples are provided with sound advice about child custody, divorce, and other family issues. The mediator helps them develop the right solution to disputes between them.

  • Save time

Family mediation takes less time than litigation. You don’t need to wait for court dates to say your stand and wait for the court’s final verdict. Family mediation is fast.

The final resolution is usually achieved within 6 sessions that last for 1 hour each.

  • Privacy

Another reason why most couples choose family mediation over litigation is the privacy it offers. Everything that happens and the details of the discussion remain confidential.

If the child is assumed to be at risk of criminal activities, the dispute is brought to court, and the parties involved provide permission to reveal the details of the discussion.

  • Less costly

Mediations that are conducted through community-based mediation agencies or ordered by the court can be less costly than litigation.

The community-based mediation or court-appointed agency charge extremely low fees and sometimes for free.

Family mediation can be less expensive than litigation. It takes less time than going to court. The decrease in time helps you save money as you don’t need to pay the mediator and lawyer.

Using mediation without litigation also means that you won’t have to spend money on court fees. This will also help you save time and money.

  • Reduce Conflicts

Couples attending family mediation can communicate more. Conflicts are also reduced. Family mediation is a great option for resolving family disputes without spending a large amount of money and in less time.

Number of Mediation Sessions

Various factors affect the number of family mediation sessions you need to attend. These factors include:

  • the kind of dispute
  • what the mediator believes is required for the problem to be resolved
  • the kind of information that must be collected to negotiate a settlement or agreement

A lot of mediators are lawyers themselves who have expertise in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. You may want to talk to an experienced lawyer about your desire to engage in mediation, so you can understand the issues in your situation. Other mediators are retired judges and mental health professionals. Mediators usually charge by the session or by the hour, regardless of their other profession. You don’t need to pay for a mediation ordered by the court. The court will allocate a mediator to the couple. This mediator will help the couple for free.

A community-based mediation agency can handle simple disputes like those between neighbors as well as tenants and landlords. For complicated issues, consulting with a lawyer or private mediator is advised.

Where to Find Mediators in Gloucester

National Family Mediation Service has a team of qualified and experienced mediators in Gloucester who are always ready to help to dispute couples. Our goal is to help our clients reach a mutual agreement that benefits both parties.

The constructive neutral approach of our mediators helps couples communicate better and come up with a solution to the dispute.

We can help you deal with same-sex partnership, marital and common law disputes and reach a constructive conclusion to family disputes.

Our mediators help our clients resolve disputes about arrangements with kids after following a partnership or marriage breakdown and solve differences after and during separation or divorce involving joint financial and property matters.

We also help them reach a mutual agreement to solve complex situations without taking the case to court.