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National Family Mediation Service Birmingham

Confidential mediation in family disputes during and after divorce, separation and the breakdown of same sex civil partnerships in Birmingham.

We are a motivated professional organization offering high-quality; confidential mediation services inBirmingham to assist you resolve family and other domestic disputes without the need of suffering the stress and indignity of going to court.

Our qualified mediators deliver a constructive unbiased approach that is flexible and can be arranged at a suitable location in Birmingham that is convenient to you, and with the use of video or Skype conferencing, we are able to commit to clients in a wider range of locations.

Although we provide nationwide mediation services, we deliver at a local level and can arrange family mediation at a venue that is convenient to you in Birmingham – seven days a week at a time of the day or during the evening that best suits you and the other involved in your dispute.

We listen to the concerns of all those involved and attempt to reach a favorable agreement by encouraging open communication between the parties. When children are involved, they are provided with a safe forum enabling them to discuss their views and preference over how they would like matters concerning them to be resolved.

A family upheaval of any kind can be an extremely traumatic experience for everyone involved. This can be more pronounced when children are included especially if the dispute concerns the separation or divorce of their parents.

At the National Family Mediation Service we are sensitive to the needs of all participants. It is however not our place to cast judgments over who is right or wrong in any dispute. Nevertheless, our mediators are trained to act sympathetically and with complete impartiality so that the best practicable solution can be reached quickly and with the least stress.

Our mediation services in Birmingham provide a less formal, much cheaper alternative to resolving a family dispute in court. Nobody wants to go to court – so mediation can be seen as a sensible and more efficient way of settling various kinds of disputes that are likely to affect families. Because mediation encourages each individual involved to discuss their concerns openly without the need for lawyers to intervene, it is an extremely beneficial way for the parties to communicate and to reach agreement. The informality and openness of mediation is fundamentally why mediation has become a successful and popular way of resolving disputes.

It is still of course necessary for a divorce or marital separation to be made legal through the court process, but mediation has proved to be the most efficient means of settling relating issues that evolve. This may be to reach an agreement over access and arrangements for children, property and financial disputes arising from a marriage or civil partnership that has dissolved.

How we can assist you in Birmingham –

  • Deal with marital, common law and same sex partnership disputes
  • Resolve disputes involving arrangements with children following a marriage or partnership breakdown
  • Reach an agreement to resolve difficult situations without the need for court orders
  • Solve differences during and after divorce/separation involving property and joint financial matters
  • Reach a positive conclusion to disagreements in other family disputes

Mediation assessment meeting Birmingham (MIAMS)

The NFMS Mediation Difference Birmingham

Mediation is a process of solving the conflict by involving a non-biased third party who is the mediator. Mediation is informal and gives people a chance to talk about their problems and come to a neutral decision. The process is peaceful and voluntary for all parties involved. The mediator doesn’t make decisions for the parties. Instead, they listen to both sides and help them reach a solution that is not one-sided. Mediation is beneficial as compared to lawsuits which can be straining on the children.

Benefits of mediation Birmingham

(1) The process is very confidential.

The mediation process is very private and personal for the people involved. Unlike lawsuits, the details of the sessions are not revealed to people. The mediator is very confidential about the process and respects the privacy of the clients. People do not have to worry about their details being later revealed. People can relax and open up more than they would in a court setting.

(2) It is cost friendly.

During this hard times saving becomes a priority. Mediation sessions are less expensive as compared to lawsuits. Hiring a lawyer is very costly too.

(3) Mediation is a fast process.

The process of mediation may take weeks or even days. It is fast but still handy. The time spent in mediation is less as compared to the time that the court process would take. People want to move on and get back to their normal lives. The mediation process is speedy and easy to go through especially for people with children and in the process of mediation Birmingham.

(4) Relationships are saved.

During operation, people disagree, and relationships may be broken. Mediation helps preserve relationships because no one is accused of forced to admit to guilt. There is no winners or losers in the mediation process. It is a collaboration that is mutual and very fair. Another advantage of mediation is that the process is fair for all parties. The mediators are normally fair and unbiased which makes the process effective. For family mediation Birmingham the well being of the children, the parties can remain respectful.

Mediation and children.

For a family, the process of divorce or family conflict the children are affected the most. The process is compassionate, but with mediation, the children are taken care off. Even though people disagree, the children are the main priority in family mediation Birmingham. Some court orders are put in place to resolve conflicts between parents about their children’s upbringing some of this include;

Residence Orders.

This order is the one that states where the child is to live with. The residence order can be in favour of any family member. This includes uncles, aunts, mother, father or grandparents. It usually is in favour of a parent, especially in mediation. Following these orders is also very important and has some severe consequences on the party.

Contact Orders.

When the conflict gets too bad, there are contact orders. This order determines the people that the child can keep in touch with and what relationships should be maintained. It also states the method of contact from emails to direct or indirect contact.

Specific Issue Orders.

This order is particular and dictates some things involved in raising the child. It could be what the child should do daily to what treatment should be given to them and also what form of education they should get.

Prohibited Steps Orders.

Prohibited steps orders determine what the parent should not do when bringing up the child. This rule is particular on what should not be done. How the child moves on from the conflict is of critical importance. It is all for the benefit of the child.


The process of mediation is straightforward if a family gets the right mediator in Birmingham. The mediator is the third party who is to help the fun come to the right decision for the family. They are not to pick sides or judge the parties. Hiring a professional mediator is very important if the process is to work. An experienced mediator is perfect to hire because they have been the same position before. They know how to go around any conflict and be helpful.

Good mediators are very sympathetic too. They know that the process is terrifying and emotionally difficult for everyone involved. Both parties are given a chance to preceded their issues and their demands also. The individuals can choose to have a separate meeting and not meet. The services of mediation Birmingham are done on a person preferred time both on evenings and afternoons as well.

The mediator will then provide a common ground that the two parties can agree on and sign if necessary. Nothing is forced to anything in mediation. In this process, Nothing is forced on anyone. More and more people are choosing to go for reconciliation as a conflict solving solution, and it is for a good reason. It is safe, fast and also very reliable.