National Family Mediation Service Bath

Parties involved in domestic relations cases such as actions that involve separation and divorce, child support or other family issues are required to attend at least one family mediation session.

An exemption to this will be if an emergency situation exists like the immediate division of joint assets or some level of threat to children. Other than these kinds of emergency situations, the parties involved will be required to attend mediation (MIAMS) and try to resolve the issues.

What is Family Mediation?

Family mediation Bath is an alternative to court. It’s where the parties involved meet with a mediator who will facilitate and guide them in negotiating a solution to family disputes. For instance, divorcing couples can attend mediation to resolve issues related to the distribution of joint assets, saving and pensions considerations, child support, parenting plans, holiday arrangements etc. Mediation gives them more control over the case and allows them to create a solution that benefits both parties becuase you own the decision making process.

What are the Benefits of Family Mediation Bath?

Mediation offers the following benefits:

  • Parties can resolve their own disputes.
  • Mediation is a quicker process for resolving conflicts than lawyer-assisted negotiation or litigation. You don’t have to wait for months for the court date. Mediation dates can usually be arranged within a couple of weeks. Most disputes are also resolved in a few sessions.
  • Mediation helps parties save money and time. It’s cheaper than lawyer-assisted negotiation or litigation. There are less emotional pain, less stress, and fewer sleepless nights.
  • Both parties can create their own solutions to their disputes.
  • Mediation helps prevent disagreements from escalating. It also helps maintain an amicable relationship between the parties. Reduced conflict allows the couple to be better parents and is more beneficial for the children.
  • Both parties are more satisfied because they feel they’ve been involved, understood and heard. They’re more likely to have mediated agreements as well.
  • Mediation is confidential and private. The details of the discussion are not disclosed unless allowed by the parties. Mediation sessions are held in a private room. Parties can also choose where and when to mediate. Such flexibility is not in court.
  • According to research, settlements reached through family mediation better protect the kids’ interest and are longer lasting than those decided by the court.
  • Parties can choose the mediator. In court, they don’t have a choice because it’s the judge who assigns the mediator.

If one of the parties presents an offer that’s not recognized, the other party can’t use that offer as leverage later on. Exemptions to the confidentiality rule include allegations of child or elderly abuse. If such accusations arise, the mediator has to report it.

Even though the couple has been ordered to go to mediation, it doesn’t mean that they need to reach an agreement at mediation. After they arrive and their mediator says the opening statement about the session, both parties have followed the mediation order. They can leave the mediation session at that time. However, doing so isn’t always advisable because mediation can help them resolve the case without judicial intervention. During mediation, both parties will have more control over the case. They are also given more room to come up with creative resolutions to complex issues.

Both parties have to give and take to reach a mutual agreement.

Try to have dan opne mind when going to mediation sessions. You have to think about what your ideal result would look like when resolving each issue and have a back-up plan for other ideas that you’d be able to accept, even though you may not really like it.

A good agreement is an agreement that both of you are comfortable with. You may want to talk to a Solicitor who will listen to and understand your needs to determine what a good agreement looks like.

Hire a Family Mediator in Bath

If you need a family mediator in Bath, call us, and we will be happy to help.

Our experienced, impartial family mediators will help you amicably resolve family disputes on your own. You don’t have to deal with the stress and cost of legal fees and court. We offer confidential and private mediation services in Bath.

Our mediators are unbiased and knowledgeable in all areas of family law. Mediation is held in a location convenient to both parties. We can help you resolve family disputes, including child custody and visitation schedule after a divorce. Our mediators can also help you deal with finding a suitable solution to go forward.