The average divorce in the UK now costs around £13,000, with protracted or acrimonious cases reaching £25,000 or more, meaning many couples are left stuck in a relationship simply because they can’t afford to separate. Family mediation is an affordable solution to this problem.

 The National Family Mediation Service (NFMS) can help you and your soon-to-be-ex spouse reach agreement over finances, property, children and even family pets without the expense and stress of going through a lengthy legal process.

After a short initial meeting, mediation can often be completed in a day and costs are shared equally between both parties. Once an agreement has been reached, the mediator (the majority of whom are trained legal professionals with a thorough understanding of divorce) will prepare an account of each side’s financial situation and a document that details the resolutions reached, which is then passed back to each client’s legal advisor for presentation to the court. 

Reaching your own solution rather than having the court impose one on you not only saves the court’s time and your hard-earned money, but makes for a more amicable atmosphere between the separating parties – something which is particularly important when there are children involved.

With divorce lawyers now charging upwards of £100 an hour, more and more people are turning to services like the NFMS as an essential part of their financial planning for separation.

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