Mediation is a negotiation process to resolve differences amicably between two parties. An impartial third party referred to as the mediator usually facilitates this process. In today’s society, mediation is fast becoming the alternative to the litigation process. There are different categories of mediation services offered. These include, family mediation, community mediation, civil mediation and commercial mediation.

In the case of family mediation, it is the process of resolving legal issues between family members in an amicable way. Although the aim of mediation is to resolve disputes amicably, it is important to note that family mediation is not marriage counseling.

The mediation process is only facilitated on the assumption that a decision to separate or divorce has already been made. Family mediation helps separated and divorced couples to resolve conflicts such as custody or access rights to children, financial matters, liabilities and distribution of property.

So what are the benefits of family mediation?

*Many people opt for family mediation because it is more cost effective than the litigation process. Hiring a solicitor can cost thousands of pounds.

*It offers quick amicable resolution of disputes compared to the lengthy legal process that can prolong for many years.

*It fosters open communication between both parties in a safe and comfortable environment. When children are involved, mediation offers them the opportunity to communicate without feeling pressured by their parents.

In comparison to the litigation process, family mediation is the better alternative because of the benefits it provides. It’s far less stressful and is the best option for all concerned.